Frozen – a true story

Last week had started so promisingly: on Tuesday I wandered past the Richard Rogers Theatre on my way home and popped my name into the If/Then lottery. Ninety minutes later, I was in the second row watching Idina Menzel belting her lungs out. It was exhilarating, dream-come-true, only-in-New-York kind of stuff.

But I arrived home to find things were less Broadway, more Frozen. My bathroom had no water and the apartment had lost central heating. I used my roommate’s shower and huddled a little deeper under the duvet that night, hoping things would be fixed the next day.

Unfortunately, the heating and plumbing issues were being caused by a frozen pipe, courtesy of New York’s unseasonably cold weather. A temporary fix had been applied to the shower, which required leaving it running at all times to stop it freezing again, but we were told nothing more could be done until the pipes unfroze. One glance at the long-range forecast told me that wouldn’t be any time soon.

I was beginning to understand how Anna felt when Elsa told her she couldn’t defrost Arendelle. I set about trying to figure out how to run two small fan heaters in my room at once without tripping the extremely sensitive fuse.

But no sooner had I managed that, than there was an ominous whoosh of running water from the corner of my bedroom. The previously frozen pipe had now given up completely and was rapidly leaking out of the wall heater.

And so it transpired that I spent Thursday night being spooned by my classmate’s cat, and Friday evening dragging my belongings across Harlem in the -19degC windchill to a new apartment. It had gotten so cold in my original place that the water in the toilet bowl had frozen, so the move was but a temporarily chilly means to a much warmer end.

Big Apple bites:

Listened to: the If/Then soundtrack. It’s musically complex, modern and emotional. Theatre critics were decidedly lukewarm about the show and its dual narratives when it opened here nearly a year ago. But I suspect I am the exact personification of the target audience, and indeed I enjoyed it enough to see it twice. Of course, the Idina factor plays a huge part and I don’t think the show would be half a strong without her.

Read: an old Fortune article I came across yesterday during a class on business strategy, which finally explained to me the quandary that is Trader Joe’s. People keep telling me I should shop there (“It’s cheap!” “Everything’s so fresh!”), but I have found it the complete antithesis of every other supermarket experience I’ve ever had: random aisle organization, only one type of cream cheese and no facial tissues anywhere! The rationale for their approach seems sound, but I’m both indecisive and a sucker for punishment, so I’ll continue to shop where I can spend five minutes debating which yoghurt to buy, thank you very much.

Ate: a delicious selection of Malaysian food at a Chinese New Year event at the Malaysian Consulate. It was really special to celebrate the occasion with new friends in a new city, whilst eating black rice pudding that reminded me of the one my dad makes at home.