On the conditions and possibilities of New Zealand performance art taking New York by storm
A feature article on the New Zealand New Performance Festival, which faced the enormous challenge of trying to get noticed in a city described by the festival’s Artistic Director as being in a constant state of “permafestival.”
Film review: Big Hero 6
A family film with a huge heart and an abundance of creative whizz-bangery to delight in.
Obama rugs up in Untouched World jumper
Christchurch clothing brand Untouched World is bracing for a surge in sales after Barack Obama was photographed wearing one of their jumpers on Thanksgiving.
The men behind Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
To mark the DVD release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Kim Choe got a look at the monkey business that goes on at Weta Digital.
Interview: Big Hero 6 full of bounce
Kim Choe interviews Roy Conli, producer of Disney's upcoming animated superhero movie Big Hero 6.
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New York storm could be 'biggest in history'
A ferocious winter storm has pummelled the northeastern United States, hitting tens of millions of people and forcing the rare cancellation of New York's subway service.
Hayden Tee's Les Mis dream comes true
A Northland-born, west Auckland-educated performer takes centre stage in the Australian production of musical Les Miserables.
Kimbra rocks WOMAD stage
Before Lorde there was Kimbra, who returned home to play for the first time since her Grammy success last year.
Live: US government avoids default, for now
US congress has passed legislation that puts the 'reopened for business' signs back up - and crucially, means the US government does not default on its debts. (Skip to 1:55)
Wicked flies into Auckland
Auckland's Civic Theatre has taken on a green tinge with one of Broadway's biggest musicals flying into town.
King Kong storms Melbourne
Eighty years after he first rampaged through New York, King Kong is back – and more terrifying than ever
Rustlers cost farmers thousands
Farmers say they are losing thousands of dollars of stock a year at the hands of rustlers, and not enough is being done to stop them.
Interview: UN efforts stymied by internal politics - Clark
Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, who now heads the United Nations' development programme, talks about how internal politics affect the UN's ability to deal with the food crisis.
Live: 'Urewera Four' sentenced
Tame Iti and Rangi Kemara of the 'Urewera Four' have been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison, while the police have apologised for scaring innocent Ruatoki people.
Corporal Hughes farewelled
A small Northland community farewelled one of its sons today - Corporal Douglas Hughes - who died while at a patrol base in Afghanistan.
Burgerfuel plans store in Libya
Burgerfuel has already opened eight stores throughout the Middle East and North Africa and now plans to open a store in Libya, a fledgling democracy that remains volatile months after its dictator was killed.
Live: Waitangi politics, celebrations continue
Waitangi Day has once again turned political, with the Government's proposal to get rid of a treaty clause from the State-Owned Enterprises Act dominating the morning's events.
Occupy protesters dragged from tents
Police and the Auckland Council are once again shifting Occupy Auckland protestors out of Aotea Square.
Driver unable to attend crash victims' tangi
The 20-year-old charged with the Christmas Day deaths of his two teenage cousins will not be able to attend their funerals.
Kiwis give small loans for Burma's poorest
A group of New Zealanders has set up a successful microfinance charity providing small loans to the poorest people in one of the most tightly-controlled countries in the world.
Saved by a phone call – heritage buildings avoid demolition
There was drama in the Auckland surburb of St Heliers as heritage enthusiasts watched two art deco cottages being torn down.
Maggie Barry swaps botany for Botany
A garden show guru wants to replace a pansy as National Party MP for Botany.