What am I doing here?

There’s a snowstorm swirling outside. It’s not quite a blizzard – although one was forecast of such potentially catastrophic proportions it has pre-emptively shut down all of New York City.

Still, when I step into the near-deserted streets of Harlem, the wind slices straight through my thick woollen hat. I inhale sharply in shock and snowflakes fly up my nostrils.

Even though the cold is permeating further through the thick rubber soles of my boots with each step, I’m soaking it up – as it were. I have just four months to make the most of this incredible city and a little bit of snow isn’t going to get in my way!

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I’m a week-and-a-half into orientation at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism, where I’m a Fellow at the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. Bit of a mouthful, huh.

Classes begin in earnest next week. My 20 classmates and I are learning how to be both entrepreneurs and journalists – two things that don’t always sit comfortably together, but are becoming increasingly inseparable by necessity in a media landscape where digital rules, but doesn’t always pay.

The amount of new information is daunting. Every day there are new content delivery platforms  and business models to grasp, as well as people to meet who are involved in media startups already doing great things.

But what would New York be if not intense, inspiring, and full of possibilities?

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